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High Quality, hand crafted,  Shield and plaques to all our clients specification. Long lasting enamel paints and hard wood bases!

Welcome to Pozi-art Promotions

Pozi-Art Promotions manufactures high Quality shields and plaques

for Schools, Sport Clubs and Heraldic Societies of Southern Africa

and pride ourselves on attention to detail and fantastic


We apply all shield with imported enamel paints onto our embossed and recessed shields and then apply our finished product onto quality hard wood shields.

About us

Pozi-art Promotions was founded when a need for recipricol shields was requested for visiting Rugby teams from abroad. Over and above the supply to Schools and sports bodies, we also offer Coat of Arms plaques for family’s &  Heraldic Societies, embroided pennants, sports & corporate clothing.  Feel free to contact us any time.


Highly polished chrome metal and embossed side shields imported from the UK. These are of the highest quality and maintain the age old traditions of trophy manufacturing.
Pozi-Art Promotions
Pozi-Crest & Pozi-Craft


Imported from Finland, we now offer 2 and 3 ply birch plywood to create a more defined detailed look to any plaque or shield.

Fridge Magnets

Moulded and hand painted to specification with magnetic blanket added to the reverse, ideal for school fund-raising program, shops and promotional purposes.
New! We now stock 2 and 3 Ply Birch Plywood that is imported from Finland.
New! Fridge Magnets

In-house Laser Technology